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2018 Spring Essentials To Update Your Wardrobe

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You may be planning your house Spring Cleaning for this weekend or so but the flower season represents a little more than just storing away those puffer jackets and dusting off photos on our mantle.

Spring is also a great time to update our closets by adding a few fresh pieces to our wardrobe mainstays.

Here are a few stylish pieces trending at retail now.

  1. The Crisp White Tee

The match ups with this jersey ` neck are endless. Pair it with an editorial pant or even cutoffs and it rocks!

2. Neutral & Natural Accessories

From Peaches and roses metallics to wooden woven classics, nothing beats a Natural handbag.

3. Deconstructed Denim Ankle Jeans

Every season there is a new take on the All American blue jean. This season it’s all about the destructed & raw ankle jean- in a skinny or boyfriend fit. Wear these with a funky heel or platform sneaker like this one from Steve Madden.

4. A Statement Sneaker

The season’s hottest look is sport, be sure to update your shoe collection with these. I personally love their passive aggressive nature.

5. A Trench


This is a winner in any wardrobe and a must for Spring. What’s better, they come cropped, off shoulder and long and even clear for the season!

Also remember that you never need to buy the most expensive version of the trend. There are inexpensive versions of the same look everywhere. Get creative and have fun 🙂



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