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From Pet Video Chat devices to Lip Gloss, Ramona DeBreaux here with 6 Holiday musts! If you want to learn more, I’ve provided the links below.

Apple TV  $179.99

I have long been an owner of the Apple TV so I have been awesomely connected to all of my apple devices for years.

Not only can I easily play every song, movie or TV show I own in my library, I can AIRPLAY the media from my iPhone, Apple Watch and even my MacBook or iPad to my big screen television.

What my hubby enjoys is the ability to share media from his lap top to a big screen to his media clients. It really is and has been my entertainment assistant, if you will. With new enhancements, it is a must have!


Infallible Lip Paints by L’Oreal  $7.99 to $9.99

These lip paints are so beautiful that I had to include them on my list as a “must have” beauty accessory.  I watched at least 10 review videos on youtube after seeing them in the local drugstore and finally took the plunge. They have amazing pigments, a variety of colors and even a designer applicator. I did not have to layer to get a High End Cosmetic Line look.

I bought a tube of Matte and one tube of Metallic. For the holiday, I would grab a few of these, an ornament, wrap it in a bow and be the holiday hero to the fashionista in my life. Seriously.


Airfryer $99 and up …On Sale $62.95

So my home is no stranger to gadgets because my mom has always been into techie type stuff. I can remember the neighbors saying she was a bad mother because we were the first family on the street to have a microwave. They figured she was poisoning us with the “waves” in an effort not to cook. Needless to say, I’m here still…and I along with a zillion others own a microwave.

We were also the first family to have a VCR, Personal Computer, Gaming system, CD Player, DVD, Osterizer….The list does on and on. All this to say, I love new technology.

So it’s no surprise that my family’s latest acquisition would be an Airfryer.

Everyone knows that eating fried food comes with it’s health challenges but with the ever popular Airfryers on the market, you can have you fried chicken and eat it too.

The best thing is that you’ll use about as much oil as you would creating a healthy meal.  My mom, sister and aunt swear by it. They also all agree that they get more use and convenience with larger units on the market- like the Gourmia GTA 2500.


PetChatz $457.66 Full Set

So if you are old fashioned or practical, this next gift will not be on your radar. But I explained that I love gadgets and I also love my doggie so bare with me and have fun with this one…

What would you do if your pet called you to video chat while you’re at work?  Well, with Pet Chatz your furry friend can call you by touching a button. You can even throw your pet a treat, spray scents and even play content from Dog TV.

Now I have a very intelligent cockapoo whom I know would call Wayne and I all day long so this is intriguing but not until it comes down in price a notch… I would buy it in the $200 range but for the pet loving person who has everything, this is a gift option.


Camel Leopard Print Blanket Scarf $39.99

I’m a lover of arm bands and scarves and fingerless gloves simply because I need a way to cover my head and neck- even while indoors. Covering your extremities really helps stave off colds and when you are on the air or use your voice for a living, like myself, it really is a priority.

The fact that I couldn’t stop looking at it this scarf is perhaps why it’s a best seller. I love the bold leopard print and on days when I may want to rock a lighter jacket I can keep nice and snuggly warm.



So having a gadget that will charge your mobile AND your car battery is everything! The RED FUEL is small and packs a punch. What’s best is you can own it for less than $45 bucks. I don’t have to tell you how much a gift like this would come in handy. Think of the women and college students in your life when it comes to a gadget like this.

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