RamonaOnAir “Show Rundown” Live: Fifty Shades Darker Pranks, Men Spend More $ on Clothes, Gym Buffs Have Less Stamina & More

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Today’s headlines included:

150 Blankets Handmade & Donated To Shelter
Men Who Spend More Time In Gym Less Stamina
Controversial Billboard in N.C. calls on Men To Provide & Women to Appreciate
People are leaving cucumbers at movie theaters after screenings of Fifty Shades Darker.
A nightclub in Spain offered women free admission, booze, money to prove they had no undies on.
The Empire Strikes Back- Another Trump Takeaway
Men Actually Like Coupons and Spend More on Clothing

Written by RamonaOnAir

Ramona DeBreaux is an American a Multimedia TV, Radio & Voice talent who creates popular lifestyle content. Ramona is versed in everything from Fashion to Politics to Football and has interviewed the biggest names in the biz!

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