Have You Ever…Seen The Mona Lisa? I Have & You Will!

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So my husband and I decided to head to in November 2014 for our honeymoon and I insisted that no matter what, we had to take time to visit The Louvre Museum.

There were so many landmarks in Paris to visit during our 6 day journey including the Eiffel Tower, but with the Louvre housing iconic works like the Venus Di Milo and Mona Lisa, carving out hours to tour one of the world’s most famous museums took precedence.

Even before the Critically Acclaimed Code novel and movie, I had been fascinated with DaVinci’s immense talents. He was an artist, a mathematician, a philosopher, a scientist, an everything.

Leonardo actually conceptualised flying machines, armoured vehicles, & used solar power.

I suppose I am so interested in his life because he was a modern-day Scatter Brain-ed genius, like so many people we know.
I wouldn’t profess or test, for that matter, to being a genius. I am, however, good in different disciplines so I can relate a little.

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