I Want To Travel Here Next! Ramona’s Vacay Files

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Every time I see wonderful architecture like this, it reminds me how many places I would love to see in my future travels. What really makes me passionate about traveling to alternative destinations is the reality that it usually costs the same amount of money as a tried and true trip to the islands. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the aqua- emerald waters and warm sun on my skin too, but some people have only been to The Bahamas.
This is just one picture that should spark some curiosity in you…
No matter what, get out there and already!

Some of these marvels of engineering curl, tilt and even breathe fire. Explore the world’s strangest bridges.

Source: World’s Weirdest and Most Amazing Bridges (PHOTOS) | The Weather Channel

Pictured: The Lucky Knot Bridge in Changsha, is 606 feet long and 78 feet high and was inspired by the Mobius ring and the traditional Chinese knotting.

I winds up and down and connects two parks with stunning views of the river, the adjacent Meixi lake, the surrounding mountain range and the city of Changsha. Source:The Weather Channel

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