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Keep That Resolution! Here’s 6 Apps That Will Help!

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First, Let me say Happy New Year! 2017 is going to be amazing for you I am sure. If you know me at all, you know that I am an optimist 95% of the time and I love to share everything I think will help enrich someone’s life.

So when I went searching over the Holiday break, I found some pretty cool apps to help me keep my resolutions and I think they will stick. Let’s Get To It!

  1. Waterlogged


I needed to drink more water darnit! A Co-Worker had a similar app so I finally did it. I spent the extra in-app purchase because I can’t take ads and I really like the functionality of this one.  It also reports your great water consumption behavior to the IOS Health App. Yay.

2. Wokamon



I love walking. I prefer it to running not only because the awesome David Buer recommends it, but I am pretty efficient at it. I’ve always been a super fast walker and it’s quite effective for weight loss for me. So when I saw this cute app where the monster hatches and grows with every step you take, I thought it was a great app to break the monotony. I also think it’s great for kids.

3. Productivity Day Planner


This Planner is AWESOME because it’s also like a life coach/ professional organizer. It not only gets into why you haven’t accomplished your goals yet, it makes you outline the immediate ways to START towards them and even sends alerts. It Gets Your Mind Right…then syncs with your calendar. Yaaas…

4. To:Day


If you are in any business where you have to plan big events or even just a birthday party or wedding…this is a beautiful,  easy to follow app. Very nice.

5. 7MWC: 7 Minute Workout Challenge


It’s been raining for days and I can’t get out and walk but at least I can get an extreme workout in with this boss app. This app requires no equipment- only you and your will. It will kick your butt but at least it’s only 7 minutes!

6. 24Me



Last but not least is the 24ME Calendar/Planner/Assistant and OMG do I love this app. Whew. I feel like I just got a personal assistant and it has already paid for itself in 3 days.

Not only do I set goals, etc, it will sync with your calendars- which is not as common as you think. You can pay your bills from the calendar reminder and even send birthday gifts when you see someone’s birthday pop up. You can send flowers to a client or mom or anyone on your contact list.

Check them out and remember if you just do what you need to do for 30 days, THE YEAR IS YOURS!


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