Ramona’s Inside and Out Holiday Theme 2016

Whether folks know it or not, Christmas is my favorite Holiday of the Year.

I believe feeling good is a choice and most decide to not only feel good but treat each other with the live Jesus’ birth intended to invoke.

My dad loved to decorate and so I also think Aesthetically, this is why I tend to get Griswaldy.

Im not done but check out my theme I happened to match both inside and out.

Written by RamonaOnAir

Ramona DeBreaux is an American a Multimedia TV, Radio & Voice talent who creates popular lifestyle content. Ramona is versed in everything from Fashion to Politics to Football and has interviewed the biggest names in the biz!

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I didn’t go full Griswaldy’ yet- maybe next year when we have more time. I did match the outside Christmas to the LR one. To be continued… #christmastree @v103atlanta