Carrot Cupcakes You Must Make :Today 4 Food

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So here’s something to try…Carrots two different ways.

I have recently started
reacting to gluten; that’s right. The monster finally started to affect me. Well the truth is, it had been affected me the whole time I just didn’t know. I was tired and developing little raised bumps that hurt on the same two fingers.

Needless to say, I had to make a change from wheat to rice or whatever. It didn’t hurt that I had begun reading Wheat Belly in my leisure time so I knew just what it was.

Anyhoo, I found a bakery on Roswell called Salley’s Gluten Free Bakery and they had the most outrageously amazing Carrot Cake and Sweet Potato Bread ever!

I have also started to eat muffins made of carrot (I’m sure with rice flower) and they are divine!
That’s why I’m interested in trying this recipe!

What do you all think? Any Gluten Monster Friendly Carrot inspiration out there?

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