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What Do You Think Of My New Frames?

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I have been wearing contacts since high school but I’ve always, like most people, kept a pair of glasses just in case.

I had this pair…

old2 old1

But it was time to upgrade and update. The great news is that my prescription is the same.

I saw a pair of TOM FORD & GUCCI frames in a window somewhere and fell in love.



Then I saw the price. 🙁

I just dont wear glasses enough to justify that splurge.

Then I saw these extremely (more) affordable frames by Eddie Bauer and fell in love. I knew they were that designer style for 1/4 of the price.

mona0 mona1 mona3 mona4 mona5 mona6


What do you think of my Nerd Glasses? Im kinda digging them.

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