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Ramona Travels To Hawaii; Jumps In Movie with Zac Efron And Anna Kendrick! [Video] « V-103 – The People’s Station

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So I had the chance to travel to the most revered of islands and the birthplace of our beloved POTUS, Hawaii for the 20th Century Fox movie shot for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

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Let me begin by saying that Hawaii is 6 hours behind Eastern time so yes, we were tired. Really tired. The other thing to mention is that the plane ride was 9 hours direct….so yes, we were tired.

That didn’t stop us though. Wayne and I, my husband, arrived at 12 noon and the first thing we did was buy a Lei. I know it’s cheesy but in the movies, when you get to Hawaii, there was always a hula dancer standing by to crown you…it didn’t exactly happen that way.

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I batted my puppy dog eyes at Wayne and he sprung $12 bucks from a vendor conveniently next to our luggage carousel.

After I was in gear, I was ready to see Honolulu.  Words cannot describe how breathtaking the landscape was as we traveled the 5 miles or so to our hotel, the Hilton Village. The mountains were so majestic. The water was this crazy shade of blue, like a light blue you could only achieve with food coloring.


So we pull into the Hilton Hawaiian Village and bam! A Louis Vuitton and Benihana. It was a little village with boutiques and best of all, a The Hawaiian Cookie Company shop right there on site. This is going to be good!  Because Wayne and I are beach bums. We will travel to anybody of water anytime so after we checked in (everyone was so nice), we headed straight to the water. At the Hilton, there’s a dock because they have catamarans and other activities so we had a chance to see people unloading. Again, this water is heavenly. Blown away.

We met up with the other CBS radio DJs and their guests at 4 and kicked a little. We could tell it was going to be an awesome 4 day adventure because everyone was funny and really, down for whatever Hawaii and being on a movie set and BEING IN A MOVIE meant… Our first activity was a real Luau at 6 so Wayne and I went back to our room, changed and met back up with the group.

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Ok, I never quite got my Hula dance together but I tried.

We had real Hawaiian food like purple sweet potatoes and lots of dishes with fish. After the Samoan Fire and Tongan Warrior dances, we were ready to hit the beach again.


We were due on set by 6pm so Wayne and I had time to play. I insisted that we either see a waterfall or a volcano, and seeing as how an active volcano was an hour plane ride to another island, we choose to trek the Monoan Mountain where a hidden waterfall was located. They also cite this mountain as the site for Jurassic Park III so we were anxious to get there. We took a cab and here’s some video on the trip!

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Ok, we made it through the rainforest and now it’s time to head back to get dressed for the movie scene I’ll be in along with my fellow DJ’s. We were told we’d be interviewing Zac Efron and Adam Devine first and Anna Kendrick later.

Also, our directive was to dress like New York club goers because they were creating a scene in Hawaii to look like NYC. I chose a Black swing dress, heels and simple drop necklace.

Soon we were on the shuttle and headed to downtown Honolulu, which looks identical to San Diego’s downtown area. When we arrived I was blown away at how much this street turned set- actually looked like Manhatten. Wow Wow Wow.

The props manger was busy creating taxi ads, placing a variety of New York State license plates on cars. There was even an authenic food truck and news stand. Crazy. We were taken upstairs to meet the Zac and Adam.

Now, after that interview, we were taken to set. Since the movie is not out yet, I can not show pics from set but, I can show a pic of myself and Anna Kendrick from inside the club/ bar so you’ll get an idea of what it looked like.

During the scene, the AD gave us direction on what we would be “play” talking about which was funny…because everyone at every table was given this directive. It was amazing to know how much a background actor means to setting a scene in a movie or show. I’ve been on set and in scenes before but man, this was BIG production with TOP Hollywood talent and it was GREAT!!!

We probably waited an hour, which is not long, for the Anna interview. It only seemed like longer to me, and the East Coast DJs because at 9pm Hawaii time, it was 3 in the morning. When our time hit 11pm Hawaii time, Atlanta was waking up at 7am. I’m not complain though because the set was awesome.


Here’s us eating along with the paid extras at about 8am Eastern Time. They’re all from Hawaii…the party was just beginning for them We were asleep in our food!


It was time for our final group activity before exploring the island. We walked over to the catamaran and boarded! I was trying to be cute but my goodness I was getting sick after awhile!

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After that amazing boat ride, Wayne and I ventured off to climb the one mountain that was visible from almost every point on the island. It wasn’t far, in fact, it cost one buck a piece to climb. Boy we were amazed the whole way.

That was about a total of 720 feet into the clouds so it was worth taking a few pics at the end.

What was even more astonishing was there were no bugs and mosquitos. In fact, I learned that Hawaii really doesn’t have critters- including the fact that they have not even a snake on the island.  Anything that plagues the island was brought by tourists. Just learning that changed my perspective on people in general. We really do destroy the beauty of the earth. It made me want to do more to protect our environment.

With that being said, since we were passing the “Buckhead” area as we left the mountain, we ventured off into Honolulu towards the shops. It was awesome! We walked back to the hotel- about 2 miles. We had dinner and spent the rest of the evening hanging on the beach. Besides, it was my birthday in hours and we were in Hawaii and the next day, we had a 12 hour flight back to Atlanta.

All in all, this was an amazing trip and a birthday I will never forget. I got to be in a movie, hang out with actors and actresses I love, and float in the healing waters of the Pacific. Wow, what a week!

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